Do you have what you need to get through a winter storm?

上周, central Oklahoma experienced its first snowfall of the winter season, we’re expected to see more soon. Make sure you have everything you need to get through a winter storm! Severe weather has the potential to bring with it freezing rain and damaging winds. Don’t wait until a storm hits to prepare 你的 home and 你的 family. We’ve put together some helpful tips to get you through the toughest of storms.

We cannot press enough the importance of paying attention to 你的 local news stations. If severe weather is headed 你的 direction, you’ll want to remain up to date on the latest information, which includes highway and road closings, school and business closings, as well as any other pertinent instructions or warnings.


Don’t cause 你的self unwarranted stress or problems. Prepare 你的self and 你的 home ahead of time so that when a winter storm does hit, you’ll have the items you need and the necessary plans in place.

  • In case of an emergency, you may need to use 你的 vehicle, so make it’s winterized. Ensure 你的 tires have good tread, 你的 wipers work effectively, that no lights are out. Fill 你的 gas tank completely. Put together an emergency kit that includes water, food, blankets, first-aid kit, tool kit, anything else you think you might need.
  • If you haven’t already scheduled 你的 yearly 炉发动机的调整,现在就这么做. The last thing you want is for a cold spell to hit and you not have the necessary warmth to get through it.
  • Purchase a backup generator and a space heater. The price will vary for both depending on what you need powered and the size of 你的 home.
  • If you know a storm is headed 你的 way, stay put at home. However, sometimes that’s not always an option. Come up with a family plan so that you can keep in contact with one another and know the locations of each member.
  • Purchase sand or salt to put on 你的 walkways and driveways.
  • Purchase external battery chargers so that you will always have power for 你的 cell phone in case of an emergency.
  • Bring 你的 pets indoors; don’t risk their safety. If it’s not snowing, but it’s still cold outside, keep them inside. 他们也需要温暖!
  • Water is a necessity; prevent frozen pipes by keeping cabinet doors open and running the faucet. Turn 你的 faucet on to where it drips slightly.


As soon as inclement weather hits 你的 area, stay put! Even if it the conditions don’t appear dangerous, it’s best to ere on the side of caution. If, 然而, 你必须离开你的家, whether it’s because of work or because you’ve lost power, drive carefully and let someone know the route you’re taking.

  •  Pour salt or sand on 你的 walkway and driveway to prevent others from falling.
  • Only leave 你的 house if necessary. We do not advise you to drive under severe weather conditions, 然而, sometimes it’s absolutely necessary. Make sure you have 你的 emergency kit ready to go!
  • If you have frozen pipes, keep the water faucet open. You can attempt to thaw a frozen pipe with a space heater or hair dryer or by wrapping them with a hot wet towel. 不要使用:喷灯, kerosene or propane heater, 木炭炉子, or any type of open flame device. If you are unable to restore 你的 pipes, call a licensed plumber right away.
  • Have 你的 generator and space heater ready in case there is a power outage.
  • 如果几个小时后, power hasn’t returned to 你的 home and you don’t have enough supplies to stay warm, 你可以文本 避难所+ 你的 邮政编码 to 43362(4联邦应急管理局) and they will direct you to the nearest shelter. (例:SHELTER20181)
  • If you’re going to be away on vacation, make sure to set 你的 heat at no lower than 55 degrees.

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