Maybe you’ve just dusted your home yesterday or the day before 和 it’s still incredibly dusty. You do a quick wipe down of your furniture before you leave for work 和 come back home only to find the dust resettled on the pieces you just dusted. It’s a frustrating battle you’ve been fighting for a while 和 you know you’re a clean person. 那么,为什么你的家里总是满是灰尘呢?

A major reason your home is dusty all the time may have nothing to do with you but with your 暖通beplay2网址 system. Something as simple as replacing your air filters or tweaking your thermostat could get rid of your dust situation 和 leave your home dust-free. Check out these reasons why your home is always dusty 和 tips on how to fix it!

In addition to dirty air filters, other things can cause dust buildup in your house:

  • Pets – Both cats 和 dogs shed fur 和 skin flakes that will contribute higher levels of dust in a home.
  • Textiles – Carpet, curtains 和 rugs are magnets for dust. Regularly cleaning, vacuuming 和 laundering will help control the dust levels.
  • Leaky Ducts – If there are cracks or holes in the ductwork, dust could be drawn in from the attic or outdoors 和 circulated throughout the home.

Some tips to help your home stop being so dusty include:

  • 除尘时使用超细纤维布.
  • Vacuum regularly 和 make sure to empty the canister or change the bags when needed.
  • 按时更换空气过滤器.
  • 整理和清理衣柜.
  • 投资有 检查和清洗管道系统.
  • 买一个 空气净化系统.

To learn more about indoor air quality 和 how to keep your home from being so dusty, 州际提供 beplay2网址测试服务. 今天beplay靠谱嘛 要了解更多!

Yes, it has been proven that air purifiers help remove dust from a home. 空气 purification systems use advanced filters to trap airborne particles like dust, 空气中的花粉和皮屑.

州际加热 & beplay2网址提供 whole home 空气净化系统s that work with your heating 和 cooling units to clean the air you breathe. 今天beplay靠谱嘛 了解更多或安排你的 室内空气质素审核!

清洁空气过滤器 & Make Sure You Have the Right Ones Installed

Bad air filters have a MERV (Media Efficiency Rating Value) rating less than 8. These inefficient air filters are not able to filter out smaller indoor pollutants like mold spores 和 pollen. We recommend that you check your air filter every month. Doing so will allow you to keep an eye on the filter 和 change it as needed. This will also make sure that your air filter is picking up more dust before it gets inside your home 和 prevent your AC from overworking itself. So, you’ll save money in the long run if you get the right kind of air filter 和 you change it regularly.


Your AC unit actually helps you dust your home with an easy thermostat trick: switching your thermostat’s fan setting from “Auto” to “On” while you dust.

在“开”的位置, your AC’s blower circulates air constantly throughout your home (even when your home does not need cooling). So, 当你打扫你的家, those airborne dust particles will get sucked up through the system’s return vent 和 removed through the air filters.

当你打扫完, turn your thermostat back to “Auto” so that the AC’s blower doesn’t run continuously. That way, you won’t waste a ton of energy 和 increase your home’s humidity level.


根据能源之星的级别.gov, about 20 to 30 percent of a typical home’s duct system is leaky. 和, because air ducts are located in naturally dirty places (attics, 墙后面), duct leaks will suck in dust 和 cause your AC to blow dust all throughout your home.

To prevent dust being blown into your home, you should hire one of our 暖通beplay2网址 professionals here at Interstate Heat & 空气. 等我们找到漏洞的时候, we will seal it with mastic or special types of duct tape so that unconditioned air can’t enter or leave the duct.

If your home is constantly dusty, it’s usually an easy fix. If you’ve checked your air filters 和 adjusted your thermostat 和 there are still issues going on, 叫热beplay靠谱嘛 & 空气在今天 . We can diagnose the problem 和 get your home back to its dust-free state! Our professionals are licensed 和 certified 和 will get the job done right. 今天!

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