Oklahoma summers are intense, and having reliable HVAC is necessary for fighting the heat. Air conditioning requires a bit of preparation for the hot season, along with some maintenance to retain its functionality. Your A/C may have been idle for long periods of time, especially during the colder seasons. This creates problems than can limit its capability or even cause malfunction. Worse, using an improperly maintained air conditioner can lead to more problems, meaning throwing away money for repairs or replacement. The expert technicians at Interstate Heating & Air Conditioning know the necessity of a working A/C during the summer. Follow these expert tips for preparing your HVAC for summer and keep it running smoothly throughout the season.

Change Your Filter

  • Although a simple step, it is important to change your filters regularly to maintain your air conditioning.
  • Government program Energy Star recommends changing your filter once a month for peak A/C performance.
  • When replacing your filter, make sure the A/C is turned off to avoid shock and prevent debris getting into the unit.
  • Consistently replacing your filter reduces energy consumption and improves air quality.
  • If you are unsure how to change your filter, contact Interstate for our affordable A/C maintenance services.

Test Your Thermostat

  • Your thermostat is the main line of communication between you and your HVAC, and miscommunication can lead to your A/C not working properly.
  • Before continuing with HVAC maintenance, it’s important to troubleshoot your thermostat first, as problems may not even involve your cooling system.
  • Test your thermostat once a month to determine if your heater and A/C settings are working properly.
  • Some programmable thermostats let you know if there is a connection problem, giving you guidance on maintaining your system.
  • Older thermostats can be tested by having someone stand next to your furnace while you turn on the heater, and see if they can hear the furnace start.
  • Another test is to remove your thermostat from the wall and look for any faulty wiring or damage.

Clean Your A/C Coils

  • The evaporator and condenser coils of your A/C unit often become dirty due to their outside location.
  • Before cleaning, disconnect the power to your air conditioning using the shut-off box, which is usually near the coils.
  • Clean the outside of the coils using a water hose, washing away any dirt or dust.
  • Clear out any leaves, debris, or dirt nesting around your condenser and evaporator coils for proper airflow distribution.

Contact Your Local HVAC Contractor

  • Only certain HVAC procedures are DIY.
  • Professionals should be contacted whenever you are unsure about a problem or performing.
  • Interstate is an HVAC contractor that provides affordable air conditioning services for preparing your HVAC for summer.

Follow these steps and have your air conditioner prepared for the summer. If you are ready to prepare your HVAC for summer, contact Interstate Heating & Air Conditioning today! We provide expert home services for Oklahoma homeowners, and offer expert air conditioning maintenance with quality you can trust. Call us at to schedule an appointment with the premier HVAC company in Oklahoma City!

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