Cut Costs with Electric Blankets

Whether you’re ready for it or not, winter is fast-approaching here in Oklahoma City. Nights are getting colder, and you may be wondering how you can keep warm without having to crank up the thermostat. Well, we’ve got a solution for you: electric blankets! By utilizing electric blankets in your home, you can cut energy costs and maintain a feeling of comfort while you sleep.

With any electrical device, however, you must be vigilant as electric blankets carry risks if misused or damaged. Should you opt to start using these, be sure to follow these tips!

Do Not Use All Night Long

When it comes to electric blankets, there’s concern as to whether it’s okay to leave them on all night long. Even though we’ve seen significant advancement in their technology, the best practice is to not use them overnight.

Instead, use it to warm up your bed before climbing into it. Once you get into bed, turn the blanket’s power off. If you utilize a blanket that has an automatic shut-off timer, then don’t worry about turning it off.

To comfortably heat your bed, pull your comforter back and place the heated blanket on the sheet-covered mattress. Wait five minutes or so before pulling up the covers and placing the blanket on top.

Ensure Your Blanket Is Safe

Because wires are in the picture, it’s always best to inspect your blanket before using it. Most electric blankets are similar design-wise in that they feature a long, insulated wire throughout the fabric. If you take into account how thin and flexible electric blankets are, you’ll understand why the wires have to be thin.  Because of their thinness, they are prone to damage, therefore, you should always be gentle with them.

Even if you treat your electric blanket with the utmost care, it’s always good to inspect if before use. You’ll want to inspect for tears, exposed wires, and scorch marks. Should you come across any damage, the best thing to do is replace your blanket; don’t risk your safety!

When storing your blanket, never fold it, as this could cause wires to prematurely break. Instead, gently and loosely roll it up.

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