By | July 20, 2013
dofus hack

About Dofus Hack:

Take note that Dofus Hack Tool includes special safety functions. These will make sure your account is protected throughout the hole cheating process. Don’t waste more time! Get endless Kamas today! Click on a down load hyperlink above and get Dofus Hack for free! DOFUS is a 2D Flash-based tactical MMORPG created by Ankama Studios. Dofus is a tactical online game in an interactive comic book, the game is set in the territories of Amakna, where gamers set out to find and acquire Dofus (dragon eggs), which give their owners extraordinary powers.

Gamers will take on tasks to lookup for the Dofus thru TWO HUNDRED levels of adventuring, all the while studying spells, exploring dungeons, battling opponents, mastering Professions, and more. DOFUS has a free-to-play trial area with a per month subscription to access more content. FUNCTIONS Enormous World to Explore 2 entire continents, seven islands, fifty dungeons, and 15 cities.

Turn-based Strategy Combat Players have time to contemplate combat actions against over 2000 creatures. Classes Feca’s Shield, Osamoda’s Whip, Enutrof’s Fingers, Sram’s Shadow, Xelor’s Sandglass, Ecaflip’s Coin, Eniripsa’s Hands, Iop’s Heart, Cra’s Range, Sadida’s Shoe, Sacrier’s Blood, Pandawa’s Pitcher, The Rogue Ruse, Masqueraider’s Mask, Foggernauts’ Steam. Professions Six Harvesting and sixteen Crafting professions.