Now that the summer season in OKC is heading into the dog days, 当温度上升到难以承受的高度, 我们发现自己在寻找保持冷静的方法. 对我们大多数人来说, dealing with the heat at some point is inevitable; whether it’s driving to work, walking the dogs or making that trip to the grocery store.

When you are confronted with dangerously high temperatures, it’s important to take precautions to avoid heat-related illnesses such as heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Even in places where the heat is disguised as slight discomfort like the garage or a stuffy room, prolonged exposure can result in a variety of health problems. According to the CDC, every year on average, extreme heat causes 650 plus deaths in the U.S. That’s more than tornadoes, hurricanes and other natural disasters combined.

The Interstate staff knows firsthand the dangers of a late summer in Oklahoma (especially our technicians) and have come up with some tips for surviving the last, 漫长的季节.


户外运动 -虽然这似乎是显而易见的, altering your exercise routine to take advantage of cooler temperatures is essential. 清晨或深夜, 避免阳光直射, will help keep your internal temperature at a healthy level while jogging or biking. If you can’t change your exercise schedule, consider scaling your workout back or joining a gym.

服装 – Loose, cotton fabrics that are light in color are ideal for hot, muggy days. Rayon, linen and synthetic blends are all breathable fabrics – and great for dealing with the heat. Layering is also a good idea for those cold office situations where you are forced to go from one extreme temperature to another. Including a light jacket or long sleeve shirt in a tote bag will help keep you from freezing at work.

水合物 – Staying hydrated is key in keeping healthy in the extreme heat. Keep a cooler in the car with water bottles and sports drinks light on sugar, 但大量的电解质. 考虑在冰箱里放几瓶水, so that you’re sure to have a cold supply of water throughout the day.

炎热指数 留意天气预报, especially the NOAA heat alerts that are based on 炎热指数 Values. This takes into account how it will feel when the relative humidity is factored in with the air temperature. 注意高温警告, which should be taken into consideration before planning any outdoor activities.


涂防晒霜 – Keeping your skin protected from the sun (and hydrated) is extremely important – even if lotion won’t help to keep you cool. If you are planning on being outside for an extended period of time, 确保你使用至少spf30的防晒霜. 大部分时间都呆在办公室或室内? Apply an SPF 15 for short trips in the car or any sun-related outings. The summer sun is sneaky and can damage the skin with very little (incidental) exposure. Make sure that the lotion you use covers both UVA and UVB rays.



限制时间 – If you need to be in the garage for more than a few minutes during the day, 试着把你的时间限制在清晨或傍晚. Extended projects are best left to the spring or fall – especially organizational projects that would require a lot of physical exertion.

空气循环 – It is important that there is air circulation in the garage when you are inside. If there are windows, open them and make sure that the air is circulating. Placing a box fan in the window, facing outside, will help draw out all the hot air. 如果你没有窗户的话, make sure that the outside door is open and an oscillating fan is placed on the other side of them room.

车库门 – A smart way to keep the garage cool during the summer is to paint the doors a light color. 浅色反射热量, 所以要让调色板保持白色, off-white or cream will go a long way in helping to cool the space. 如果你有一个独立的车库, painting the entire exterior in a light color (and adding a light-colored roof) will also aid in keeping it cool.

挡风雨条 – The wind in Oklahoma offers little relief in the summer – and can make your garage even hotter if there are cracks or openings that allow for the warm air to enter. Adding weather stripping to your garage doors to seal the gap between the door and floor will help keep out the hot wind/air. Self-adhesive weather stripping is easy to apply and is helpful insulation throughout the year.

窗口单位 – If you are someone who uses the garage for car repairs, 木工或其他项目, 你可以考虑安装一个beplay2网址窗口装置. 如果没有窗户, a ductless mini split might also be an option – and most offer both cooling and heating. Spending prolonged periods of time in a hot garage will take a toll on your health, so conditioning the air is essential if you use it as a workshop or creative space.


在接下来的几个月里保持凉爽, 记住,州际公路是你的第一个, 为beplay2网址相关需求提供最佳资源. If you do decide you want a window unit for your garage or need repairs on your central air system, give us a call today at and we’ll get the air flowing in record time! 好好享受剩下的夏天吧,保持凉爽!





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